Dear Sirs,port

        Our company AGV more than 20 years successfully supplying spare parts and equipment for all types of marine vessels to all directions of the world.
      We have a huge warehouse of spare parts - the largest in Europe, with a huge technical documentation library and provide technically competent and very competitive offers on the global marine spare part market.
The company has specialization to supplying spare parts for marine vessels which was built at 1970-90 years on shipyards of GDR (East Germany), USSR (Soviet Union), Poland, Yugoslavia, Finland, Spain, Portugal. In our large stock-list selection of marine spare parts we hold many major components for marine vessel equipment ranges where spares are no longer manufactured providing immediate availability at competitive prices.
    Certainly many Ship-Owners are modernizing vessels and our Company is keeping up with the time. AGV is a dynamic developing Company! Today we successfully supply spare parts for new engines and equipments generation.
       Our Customers are biggest transport, shipping and fishing companies from Russia, Asia and European Union.

    AGV has representation warehouse at port Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation for operational and urgent supply spare parts to all regions of the Russia.

        Kindly ask you to take more information about our product range.  Also you can find some spares list available in our stock.

        Let us to try tender for your. Please send your inquiries to us and we promise to provide you our competitive prompt offers.

         Hope for a further strong cooperation between our Companies.

Faithfully yours,